Santa Eulalia del Rio (of the River) is named after the river that flowed down next to the town. This river is the only one in the Balearic islands, and played a very important role as it was used to run the water mills that ground the flour and was essential for commercialization of many crops.

Villagers began to prosper and began trading on the old Roman Bridge that is still standing today.
It didn’t take long 'till pirates attacked the market.

To defend themselves form the pirates the locals built a temple at the top of the mountain which is now known as ' Puig de Misa'.

This Temple was destroyed after several attacks, in the XVI century it was rebuilt as a  fortress that had 2 canons.
In the XVII century the pirates no longer existed and that
was when the terraces in front part of the church were constructed.





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  • The church also bought the land around the church and started building houses
    that were soon occupied by locals, this was the beginning of the town of Santa Eulalia.

    By the XIX the hill was too small and the town
    is still expanding today with a population over 30,000 residents. It’s the second largest municipality in area and the second largest in population in Ibiza.

    Santa Eulalia is a wealthy municipality and this wealth is invested in Sport activities and infrastructures,  musical education and performances,  the cosy sport harbour and the Paseo Maritimo ,  cleaning the town and the beach and in some of the best fiestas you will find on the island.
    They are proud of their past and they show it on the first Sunday in May ( the biggest fiesta of the year) when every body who has a horse or an antique car or motorcycle gets to participate in the parade and show off in front of thousands of people.

    In this relatively big area there are several small towns such as.

    San Carlos
    Is a rural area of a tremendous natural beauty that is still unspoiled and one of the best examples of this is the beach of Aguas Blanca,  considered by many the most beautiful beach on the island , if you go there you will understand why.

    San Carlos was the area chosen by many intellectuals in the 50s to become their home converting it into a sort of cultural mecca,  the centre of it was Bar Anita what served as a post office and a meeting point,  it is still today the place to go if you want to taste the best hierbas on the island in a very , very layed back atmosphere.
    The only place you will find some action is in the Market of Las Dalias.

    Santa Gertrudis
    About 13 kilometres from Santa Eulalia Town it’s a small town that is most famous for it’s bocadillos in the Bar Costa were you will also find a extensive art collection.
    Right next to the bar Costa you will find a auction shop called “Casi Todo” (almost every thing) and they really deserve this name.
    Across the street from 'Casi Todo' there is a very exclusive decoration shop that has some exotic antiques that you will not find any were else.
    The Centre of the town like every town on the island is the church; dating to 1797 but which has been modified several times.

    Santa Gertrudis also enjoys one of the most virgin and beautiful landscapes on the island and there is no better way to see this landscape than on horse back, this is why there are several horse back riding possibilities. Like Cuadras Es Puig with out a doubt, the cheapest horse stable on the island and the horses are fit and well cared for.

    It actually right next to Ibiza Town but it belongs to Santa Eulalia, the most interesting part of Jesus is the church, which in fact is the oldest church in Ibiza, dating 1498 and contains gothic paintings of the virgin of the XVI century. These paintings are considered to be one of the most spectacular of it’s kind in Spain.

    No wonder so many people came, fell in love with this part of the island, and never left.

     "...There are a lot more better qualified people than I to tell you about Santa Eulalia, but I have lived here for 26 years, and I can tell you that Santa Eulalia dances to a different rythm than the rest of the island......more a chilled-out ballad than mega-disco eardrum bursting techno funk......

    ....Santa Eulalia has been a refuge for the world weary for a long time. (see recommended reading: 'Life and Death of a Spanish Town'.Elliot Paul-1937).

    ....The discretion of the inhabitants and visitors is the keyword here .......no paparazzi or autograph hounds on the trail of the megastars, authors, artists and intellectuals who live in or visit this village.

    .....Probably the only place in the world I know of where a nobel prize winner or a formula1 world champion or a mega rock star could find sanctuary and serenity."


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