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Ibiza Hotels, discover your ideal accommodation.

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Ibiza Hotels, discover your ideal accommodation!

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Ibiza hotels, you can discover the ideal accommodation for you in our site in many different ways, you can just fill the form above with your requirements and the click on Search.

You may rather first see what the hotels really look like. The best way for you to do this by watching one of our over 150 Videos we have made for you. If you want a even more realistic experience you should try our virtual 360 tours.

The range of hotels in Ibiza is large enough to cover the tastes of everyone. To make your accommodation quest a little easier we have divided the ibiza hotels into different categories. To start off, you will find them divided up on the left hand side by category. Then as you move down you will see they are divided into other characteristics. Like, can I connect with Wi Fi internet, if I'm disabled or handicapped are they ready for me, will they accept my animal pets.

You might be thinking that's great but isn't that going to be very expensive? The answer is No. Because on the right hand side you will find our special offers with a large range of hotels offering discounts and special offers. Here you will find the best deal.

Hotels in Ibiza are very popular, for this reason suggest you make your booking as soon as possible to make sure you don't miss out on one of the most famous and most exclusive islands in the world.
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Ibiza Hotels Clients Comments

" Even though the sal rossa apartments are close to the Bora Bora beach bar, this is more of a family destination than a young clobbers resort. The staff are friendly. Expect lots of children running around the pool. The location is great, right on the beach.."
" Firstly I would like to say do not stay at this hotel unless you have booked and paid for in advance one of the 5 rooms at the front of the hotel with large balconies. It simply isn't worth it otherwise. We had one of these rooms and the balcony was huge (bigger than the room) but the room itself was absolutely disgusting. The first thing that hit us was a rotten gassy smell that seemed to be emanating from holes in the wall. Hotel staff were obviously aware of this as towels had been stuffed in the holes to try and block out the smell. The aircon didn't work and reception told us the engineers would be coming but they didn't in the whole time we were there (9 days). There were no cups or glasses to drink from so we had to buy plastic ones. There were a couple of knives but no forks and the plates in the cupboard were filthy and covered in food so we bought plastic ones of those too. The cover to the freezer in the fridge was missing so our ice cubes and ice creams melted. The maids came most days and will change your towels provided you leave them on the bathroom floor. They changed our sheets on our 2nd day but then strangely not again for the 9-day duration. The walls in the room had damp and the paint was peeling. We had 2 chairs but no table on the balcony and reception said they would find one for us but they didn't so we took the wooden table from inside and put it out there. We hired a safe to keep our belongings in which cost 3 euros per day plus a 10 euro deposit which they gave back to us at the end of our stay. We didn't have any problems with our shower or hot water. When we arrived there was a couple in reception who told us that although they had booked for that night they were not able to check in until 12.00pm the next day. After reading reviews about the Catalina I had been concerned about this happening to us so I made sure the company I booked through (Flightline) told the hotel we would be arriving early in the morning and to make sure our room was ready and I would recommend others did the same. Most of the people staying at the Catalina were totally uncivilised and rude. Expect lots of swearing, arguing, kicking of doors and general rudeness and lack of respect for anyone around them. We found the staff to be very polite and I suspect that if you are rude to them (which a lot of people were) they will be rude back; and rightly so. If you behave like scum you will be treated like scum! To sum it up our room and the hotel was disgusting and it's only saving grace was the balcony and fab view. I wouldn't stay again and will stress again that it really isn't at all worth booking this hotel unless you have a large balcony at the front.."

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