Ibiza-Hotels is the ORIGINAL LOCAL IBIZA HOTEL and TRAVEL DIRECTORY. Created 10 years ago and run by long-time residents of the island. This means you can CONTACT us on the island, if anything goes wrong with your reservation or your holiday, and we will solve the problem on the spot.

1.LARGEST SELECTION: We are online since 1996 (Ibiza's first Online Hotel Directory), and have earned the confidence of almost 200 hotel and apartment establishments on Ibiza.

2.ECONOMY -IBIZA-HOTELS does not require payment of 100% of your stay in advance, as a PENALTY for booking your reservations more than 3 weeks before your arrival! You pay only a small deposit (10-15%) to hold your reservation NO MATTER HOW FAR IN ADVANCE YOU BOOK.

3.SECURITY -IBIZA-HOTELS runs on its' own proprietary reservation booking program. It is a state of the art program which not only shows the visitor what is not avalable, but also shows what IS AVAILABLE.
This assures far greater(see) SECURITY because YOUR PRIVATE DATA is on one server...(ours). It forwards your information directly (AND ONLY) to the hotel and uses OUR Secure Socket Layer Certificate, and NOT somebody else's. We believe that your private personal data should NOT be sent flying all over the internet to 'middle men' or 'intermediaries'.

4.REAL TIME INFORMATION -The hotels in our directory have a control panel which allows the hotel administrator to update availability daily.This means our hotels do not have to depend on third parties to show up-to-the-minute room availability (before you even ask.)
Disclaimer: This is also the reason that ibiza-hotels cannot be held responsible for errors of availability.

5.AVAILABILITY.The largest database of accomodations on Ibiza means your BEST CHANCE of finding accomodation when others fail.

IBIZA-HOTELS means up to the minute information, much higher security and a great savings of time for both you and the hotelier.

You can also find about ibiza beaches, towns and areas, museums, ferry-boats, flights and Ibiza nightlife, weather and change rates as well as upcoming events on Ibiza.

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