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Villas Del Sol

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Client Reviews 4 out of 5

2 Stars
2 out of 5

" With my wife I arrivved the apartment in early evening. As soon as we arrived the apartment we were welcomed by the staff. There was a lady who ws really very friendly and helpful. The room we booked was big enough and clean. There was a balcony from where we enjoyed the view of the pools and sunset. The apartment was located in a pleasant location and we enjoyed the ambience. We met a couple who came to ths hotel earlier because they liked the friendly behavior of the staff and ambience of the apartment. We didnt spend the afternoon time and went out for sightseeing and lunch. The staff came every day to change our bed sheets. The apartment was bustling with guests but not overcrowded so we enjoyed our stay. We will definitely revist this hotel. ... "

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" We love the Villas del Sol. For a quiet and friendly complex, you'd go a long way to beat this place. It's fairly basic but has everything you need for a family holiday and the staff are completely amazing! They make us so welcome and give 100% all day every day. We've been here several times and heartily recommend it. For value for money and a great experience, go for it!... "

Aylesbury, UK
4 Stars
4 out of 5

" We received a warm welcome and the host helped us out to find our room. The room we booked was quite spacious and had a terrace from where we could easily view the swimming pool. Our room had other amenities such as aid condi refrigerator phone TV tea maker and a table. The lawn was awesome as it was clean and well maintained. I would say it is an ideal place to stay. There was lounge and sun beds near the pool. The hotel had a pleasing environment. Moreover close to the hotel there were bars exquisite shops and restaurants that remained opened till late night. The weather during our stay was calm and pleasant and so we had the best time enjoying our holiday. ... "

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" Nice gardens and pool area, very quiet place, ideal for families.....a 5 min walk to the beach.... "

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Call center
+34 971 33 25 51
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