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Fiesta Hotel Tanit

  • We are a family friendly accommodation.

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Client Reviews 5 out of 5

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" We stayed here from 12,18 December and enjoyed our holiday. The staffs were friendly and helpful. We booked a room with a double room that had a balcony with fantastic views. There was great arrangement to entertain the guests. It was quite a magnificent and luxury hotel. The staffs were highly professional as they gave me wake up calls on our request. The cleaner came to our room every morning and cleaned the room. He also took away our clothes for laundry. The hotel offered all the world class amenities like a five star hotel. There were also beautiful garden and an easy access to the sandy beach. Me and my family enjoyed staying at this hotel. Sure if I get another chance then I will revisit this hotel. ... "

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" Stayed here many times with family and friends. The food is always good with lot to satisfy you all day long. The bar staff will always give a small and great service. The staff here have been here for years. The rooms are good enough and they have everything you need. Service around the hotel is basic The hotel stairs and landings could do with an upgrade if honest. The entertainment is always a little on the cheesy side but the reps always try hard and are very funny. The kids love it and as this is a family hotel thats what you want. Great location far enough away from the town to be nice and quiet but a nice walk will take you via Cafe Mambo and on to San Antonio if thats what you want. Anyway, I m not complaining at all, I think it is a great accommodation.... "

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" I had a fabulous holiday with my friends at the the Tanit last October 2012. We were all inclusive. and it was brilliant. The rooms were cleaned and fresh towels supplied daily. The staff were all excellent as were the entertainment team. Food was great...plenty of choice in the restaurant. Hot snacks available and sandwiches from 10.00am till late at night. The only thing I did miss was a local of Baileys at the bar. Most Spanish hotels do have a local brand. Is it possible to have this available at the bar as we had such a great time that we are going back again for 10 days in October 2013. That would make everything just perfect. See you in October. ... "

Dundee Scotland
5 Stars
5 out of 5

" The only word to describe this hotel is excellent. I found my stay pleasant and also will go back to it if I get a chance. We booked two rooms because we were in a group of 4 people. The rooms we booked were lovely clean and luxury. The bed was comfortable and we enjoyed soundless sleep. The behaviour of the staff was friendly and directed us how to go to pubs and restaurants. We were lucky to stayed at such a good hotel. The snack bar served amazing food which we have never heard of. At the first sight we thought it would taste odd but not it was good. Not only me my friends also liked the hotel and stay. We would definitely recommend this hotel.... "

Hong Kong
5 Stars
5 out of 5

" I thought this hotel was brilliant and the holiday was fantastic! Hopefully we will return...!... "

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" Fantastic best family holiday ever. staff were the best and manager was highly respectful of his staff. entertainment was excellent .unable to get a few drinks at the bar which was a bit of a pain drinking in company. Cant wait to return.... "

Newcastle england
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