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Sol Post

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Client Reviews 2.2 out of 5

4 Stars
4 out of 5

" It was a good experience at this apartment. It was better than hotel. Clean bed well furnished room dirt free toilet air conditioner spacious terrace TV refrigerator hair dryer and a phone that was all in the room. The staffs were helpful and were professional. Everything about the apartment was just pleasing. What I liked most was the serene atmosphere which is very important to make someone feel relaxed at the end of the day after a fatigue tour. Moreover it was situated at a convenient place from where one can easily reach other locations of the island easily. I think the apartment attract tourist a lot because I met a couple from France who revisited this apartment for the second time. The fresh water of the swimming pool restaurant and its flavoursome food solarium and sunbeds makes it a perfect holiday destination. I would highly recommend this wonderful apartment ... "

2 Stars
2 out of 5

" I read a lot reviews about this hotel. Many people suggested not to prefer this accommodation because of unhygienic and dirty rooms. While booking a room I was really worried. But as I reached there I receivd a warm welcome. The reception was friendly. The reception individual was helped us a lot in booking a cab and exploring the local attractions. The food was also not too bad as read in the reviews. I am still wondering why people whrite to mislead people. We were served chips and a unique dish which we had never tasted before. The pool was also clean and so we spend long hours and took cool dips. The staff cleaned the sunbeds after guests leave them. The room we booked offered a balcony that let you enjoy spectacular view of the sea. ... "

Birstol, United Kingdom
3 Stars
3 out of 5

" top hotel brilliant place to party!!! add tunes begin all nights!! ... "

1 Stars
1 out of 5

" I hope no one gets room 105, checked out within 12 hours. worst accomodation ever!!!! horrible damp infested walls that left a horrible putrid smell, stained and rusty bathroom. Room above irish bar and on corner of 2 main roads, smallest balcony overlooking the noisy main roads. No families seen only noisy groups of lads who played music from 7am and banged on all doors thjroughout night.... "

sheffield, south yorkshire
1 Stars
1 out of 5

" Arrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!! Sol C.... is what it should be called!! Just got back from Ibiza. There were 12 of us who went for 1 week from 30th June 2010 to 7 July 2010. The food was disgusting, rooms were terrible and so was the staff. There were 15 breakins in the guests rooms in just 1 week!! Very strange how it happened to the guest who handed their keys into hotel reception before going out. Our rooms were not cleaned on a daily basis. 2 of my group had money, jewellery and phone stolen. When we complained to recetion they just told us to go into the town to make complaint to police. they would not call them for us. If anyone is thinking about b ooking into this hotel then I would advise you not to.... "

Co Durham
1 Stars
1 out of 5

" where do i start with sol post? when we first arrived we wernt even shown to our room and had to just wonder around with our bags and hope for the best... there was no toaster or kettle in the room... the shower was just undescibly dirty! and there was used rubers and random peices of furniture on the balcony! :S well we asked for the toaster and kettle we were promised and the workers were trying to get us to pay for these! when we had some strong words with them a few days later when nothing had been done we were taken in to a privite room and threatened to be thrown out on the street! everytime i past the reseption desk there was always someone complaining, racisam from employers, robery from employers, employers entering room during the night, no showers in the rooms!! there is just too many to list! one night after a night out when i came back to the hotel i bumped into two spanish guys wondering around the hotel and offered me drugs! the pool area can not be descirbed with words! i went in once and i felt the need to have a shower stright after as it was that dirty! i cant just complain about the employers the people staying at the sol post were just omething else! but i wont go into that! the staff were not helpful at all. the rooms also smelt like sewers and there is no gym! other than that a lovly hotel !!! :S ... "

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