Playa Dén Bossa

The great range of services and accomodations makes this beach ideal for those in search of watersports, NIGHTLIFE, great bars and pubs and all sorts of restaurants.

Playa D'en Bossa offers everything from 4 Star hotels
to economical apartments. Here are some of the most popular:

Playa D'en Bossa has become Europe´s playground
for young people because of its tremendous offering for clubbers and nightlife, and the wide offering of restaurants, bars, pubs and discoteques.


Hotel Club GOLETA****


Hotel Club Garbi***

Apartments JET***

Apartments ARLANZA**

Apartments DAUSOL

Apartments BON SOL

Fiesta - Hotel Club Playa D'en Bossa***

Fiesta -Hotels CLUB PALM BEACH***

ACCESS: Directions to the beach are posted from downtown Ibiza, following the paved road towards the airport, as well as from ses Figueretes.
TRANSPORTATION: By car, by bicycle, or even by foot, thanks to its proximity to the town centre. A bus line is also available.
DISTANCES: 3 km from Ibiza and 18 km from Sant Josepde sa Talaia.
DESCRIPTION: It is one of the longest and largest beaches on the island, opening to the east.
LENGTH: 2,700 km (700 m corresponding to Ibiza and 2 km to Sant Jose).
WIDTH: 20 to 25 m.
TERRAIN: Natural sand, white and fine all along the beach.
DEPTH: Sandy sea floor, only deep at long distances out to sea. Water levels are 50 cms out 25 m and 1 m deep at 50 m from the shoreline.