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Hotel Montesol

Hotel Montesol Ibiza, is a premier accommodation with historical significance built in the exotic island Ibzia.

Since its establishment in 1933, this wonderful hotel, painted in yellow and white colour, has been attracting tourist with its pleasant grandeur and luxury, and has become much popular as a destination for amazing and fun filled holidays for all ages.

The Hotel Montesol Ibiza remains closed for two months December and January.

Historical significance:

In 1930, Joan Gomez Ripol, a renowned builder, built the magnificent hotel Montesol Ibiza in a colonial style adjacent to the old Dalt Villa that has opened the doors of the blossoming tourism industry in Ibiza. Between 1936 and 1945 the hotel was in military use. And from then onwards till date, this fabulous hotel has become an abode for tourist looking for exciting vacation and rejuvenation break. The UNESCO has recognised this historical building as a Property of Cultural Interest.

Location: The fascinating hotel Montesol Ibiza is located in the heart of the city and well connected to the breathtaking beaches and. Boutiques, restaurants, jewellery shops, nightclubs and bars are at proximity from the accommodation. The airport is also just 5 minutes distance from this hotel.

Rooms: To ensure comfort for all its guests the rooms of Hotel Monteso Ibiza are embellished with captivating interiors and integrated with sophisticated technology to cater the demands of all sorts of guests. Every room at hotel Monteso Ibiza feature a lovely terrace from where you can view the mesmerizing scenery of the town and the sky. For utmost comfort the hotel provides the following amenities:

* attached bathrooms


* Telephone

* heating

* air-conditioner

Relax at the restaurant: The stylish cafeteria at hotel Montesol Ibiza is also popular as a destination among locals and tourist. It is a wonderful place to enjoy hearty meals or have a good time with your friends while sipping a cup of hot tea/coffee.

Hotel Montesol Ibiza is all about enjoying elegance and comfort. It provides a clean and cosy ambience at an easily affordable value for budget traveller. You can also well enjoy your privacy in the exquisite soothing ambience. If you are looking for a pleasant hotel at a great price for your holidays then make your vacation memorable with Hotel Montesol Ibiza.
So, hurry and make your booking!

  • Open all year.

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