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  • Amazing Sea View

  • Cheap

  • Call Center:
    Tel: (+0034) 971 33 2551
Ibiza Hotels>Playa den Bossa> Aparthotel Jabeque

Aparthotel Jabeque

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Client Reviews 3.7 out of 5

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" Had a fabulous weekend in this hotel with my family. The spacious and well furnished rooms gave us the real excitement of staying out. The sea facing terrace clean and hygienic room and availability of all the modern amenities inside the room was not giving us the chance to miss our home. My wife and I will always remember the walk in the sandy beach in the evening that we had. My wife had enjoyed the swimming pool and the snacks and beverages at the cafe to a great deal whereas I enjoyed relaxing at the bar in the evening and sometimes playing pool and table tennis. Now i am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to indulge in work again. ... "

4 Stars
4 out of 5

" We stayed at Jabeque in July 2012. Very nice hotel, clean, amazing sea view and close to city center, clubs. You will never find this quality with this price. Thank you for good service.... "

3 Stars
3 out of 5

" I happened to land at this apartment accidentally because the hotel I had booked earlier was like hell. I found this apartment quite clean compared to the hotel. Moreover the staffs were friendly and talked with me in a good way. On my request they provided the breakfast and dinner to my room which was good. There was sun terrace lovely swimming pool and area for children. So I would say the apartment was perfect for family holiday. For adults there was a bar where I went to enjoy drinks during the evening time after returning from tour. I enjoyed our stay here because of the location as it was close to the beach. ... "

3 Stars
3 out of 5

" I have been to the Jabeque on 6 occasions and had a fantastic holiday. I will be going again in may 2008 looking forward to another brilliant holiday. Could not pick a better location... "

4 Stars
4 out of 5

" ... "

2 Stars
2 out of 5

" after several visits,The Jabeque has gone down hill,No air conditioning as advertised. The new owners have lowered standards throughout. Pool bar was not open. A staff member informed us this would be the case all summer,As with the air con. .... "

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Call center
+34 971 33 25 51
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