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Ibiza Hotels Clients Comments

" i stayed at the san remo in ibiza, my first time on holiday with my boyfriend, which should have been a special time. this is the worst place i have ever stayed in my life, the hotel staff are extremely rude and abrupt and only seem to listen to you and smile at you when you say you have a complaint to make. i am a vegetarian and they do not cater for my food needs at this hotel although as advised by the restaurant manager he could give me some pasta with some sauce which i was told to heat in the microwave myself. i have eaten pasta the times in which we have dared to go to the restaurant and salad and to be honest cannot bare to even look at pasta anymore. even my boyfriend who eats meat says the food was crap, it was stale, cold. you were ok if all you wanted was meat, there was nothing to go with it, no veg, no potatoes, the chips look like some inexperienced chef had overcooked them, even the restaurant manager advised that this hotel only caters for their italian friends, so basically if your anything but italian i wouldnt be seen dead in this hotel or any hotel that that gps own. to say the least there are toilets just seconds away from the restaurant in which my boyfriend visited to find, at his disgust and absolute horror cockroaches, some were dead and some were running about just seconds from where people were eating. the san remo advertise there is entertainment at their hotels, i can assure you there is nothing, no tv, no music, nothing. if you are looking for some entertainment during your holiday you have to go across to cafe royal which is across the road which the same people who own the san remo own this place. surely if they own this place and this is where they provide the entertainment, then surely you can use your all inclusive band they give you at this cafe. no that would be too sensible that would, they send you across the street for your entertainment and you are ten euros per round for two drinks, therefore defeating the purpose of being all inclusive. we took one thousand pounds of spending money with us and every night my boyfriend and i have had to eat out because they do not cater for vegetarians, so therefore have spent any money which we brought with us to enjoy ourselves on food. i will be taking them for anything i can get as they have spoiled my only holiday this year, these people make me sick and on your head be it if yo ever stay at a gps hotel. donít say i havenít warned you.."
jennifer davidson
dunfermline, fife
" We had booked the apartment through Travel agency and reached the apartment in the morning. As soon as we reached the apartment we took dip in the swimming pool and ordered food over the phone. After having food we went out to explore the Ibiza island afternoon and returned at night. The rooms were OK. The apartment was in the prime location which was also close to the sandy beaches. The staff had maintained the apartment well. We spent here 4 days and during our stay we noticed that tourist highly prefer to stay at this place because of its cleanliness and reasonable price. Nevertheless I also enjoyed my vacation. ."

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