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Ibiza Hotels Clients Comments

" horrible,filthy place. do not stay here! me and 3 other girlfrends stayed for a week at the end of july.we arrived early hours of the morning to be told ther was no room for us,then after an hour we got a key from the man at reception who understood no english.as we walked into our room we found it in a complete state, it had not been cleaned and it looked as though people wer still staying in it. we had to clean the apartment ourselves and change all the beddings and we not recieve any kind of apology for this.also when we checked in, a group of lads had the same problem as us that they had been told there was no room for them and they had to go and sleep on the beach and come back in the afternoon.2 other girls didnt get a room either and they told me they got put in a taxi to the west end to an apartment for the night,they was told the room had been payed on for them but as they went to leave in the morning the receptionist threatened to call the police,demanding money off them.After a day or two around the tiny pool with about 3 sunloungers, it became clear that we had chosen the wrong hotel as everyone who was staying here had to deal with the same problems as us,and when you have been looking forward to your holiday all year its a major disapointment when you have to stay in this hotel.may i also add that the hotel pictured on this site is not the formentera, the formentera is the hotel behing which you cannot see and i dont understand how they have got away with advertising for a hotel that you will not be staying in! be warned, do not stay in the formentera!!!!!."
" I with my wife stayed at this hotel. During our stay we noticed various things about this hotel. The hotel is brilliantly furnished and offers a serene ambience which makes it a lovely accommodation for people who is looking for some nice place to stay far from the crowd. The unique thing about this hotel is the staff are highly professional but friendly. The made every possible thing to make its guest feel comfortable. Not only the service it offers is lovely but also the food. It serves varied cuisines. The room we have booked had air con fridge. The pool was also lovely and we took long bath after returning from the town. There were space for children to play and also lounge to relax. The hotel was popular among the tourist and we met one couple who returned to this hotel after a year and half to enjoy holidays. We liked Playa Real. ."

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