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Ibiza Hotels>5 - 4 ***** Ibiza Town> Ibiza Gran Hotel

Ibiza Gran Hotel

  • No minimum night stay in high season.
  • We have WI-FI internet connection.
  • We are a disabled friendly accommodation.

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Client Reviews 4.2 out of 5

4 Stars
4 out of 5

" one week... "

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4 out of 5

" Wonderful hotel in a great location. The rooms were outstandingly furnished with contemporary amenities such as air conditioning and comfortable beds. The bathroom was also clean. The service of the staff was prompt and they were friendly. I liked the way they treated their guests. My boyfriend found the suite fabulous as it offered awesome views of its nearby areas. The Jacuzzi bath made us felt like anything. We spend our time till morning at the hotel and went out to enjoy local attractions or have fun at the beaches. The restaurant also offer good food and we spent most of our time at bars enjoying our drinks. This is indeed a lovely place to stay to enjoy the vacation and would like to say I simply loved it. ... "

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4 out of 5

" Everything is awesome... "

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5 out of 5

" Excellent design and hotel facilities.... "

London, UK
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