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Once you have made your reservation you will receive the confirmation on a secure webpage. You can print a copy of this page, your records by hitting the "PRINT" button.
You will automatically receive a duplicate copy (by E-mail) of your reservation.


TEL: +34 971 33 25 51 , FAX: +34 971 33 67 13
IBIZA-HOTELS will make their best effort to MODIFY the reservation and inform you of the results.


Fill out a separate reservation form for each room type /combination of use.
For more then one room of the same type/combination of use please fill in the number of rooms.
4 adults want 2 double bedrooms:
Fill out one form: double bedroom / 2 persons / 2 rooms
4 persons want one apartment with 2 bedrooms:
Fill out: 'Apartment for 3-5 persons' / 4 persons / 1 apartment
5 adults want a double and a triple:
Fill out 2 different forms for each room type(with the comment for the hotel that those 2 reservations belong together)
Family of 5 adults and 1 child want 2 triple rooms:
Please fill out 2 diffent forms (with the comment, that both reservations belong together):1 for 3 adults + one for 2 adults + 1 child (see childrens discount)

For specific questions or in case of an incorrect price
combination please contact:

TEL: +34 971 33 25 51


The hotel receives automaticaly a copy of your reservation and has different ways of confirming it.
1.) By sending you a confirmation per e-mail.
2.) By charging the deposit from your credit card account.
3.) By not-reacting / not-complaining within 48 hours (like in case of an incorrect price calculation of if the last available rooms got booked at the same time by different portals).
Those hotels charge the deposit just in case of a short term cancelation or a no-show. They aspect full payment upon arrival.


Like all mathemetical calculations, errors (in pricing) occasionally occur.
In the event of a mathematical error in the calculation of a reservation price, the hotels reserve the right to cancel the reservation within 48 hours in the event the client is not in agreement with the correct price.
Neither the hotel or IBIZA-HOTELS.COM shall be held liable for mathematical errors.


The correct procedure (and garantied free of charge) is as follows:
1. Make a new reservation with your changes
2. In the last part of the reservation form under "Commentary" Write accordingly: "Please cancel my reservation. (reservation number) in the name of (full name) for arrival date. (date) for the hotel. (name of hotel) in favor of this reservation."
If you contact us directly per phone (+34 971 33 25 51), Fax (+34 971 33 6713) or e-mail (booking@ibiza-hotels.com) we will try our best to help you and will inform you about the result in writing.
Depending of the kind and the volume of the modifacion an administration fee of 10 Euros may occur (Attention! If you want changes five times, this fee may be due as well five times).


If you are obliged to cancel 7 days or more before your arrival date, all payments will be refunded in full.
Cancellations received less than 7 days before arrival, or no shows, will not be refunded.
1.) Small rural (country side) hotels may have different rules which you find on their price page.
2.) Cancelations of group reservations may be liable to a fee, of which you will be informed before the booking.
- e-mail: booking@ibiza-hotels.com or
- or fax: +34 971 33 67 13
in which you state the reservation number, full name, arrival date and name of the hotel , as well as the ARRIVAL DATE.
Your cancellation will require a written confirmation by us.


The most commun way: The hotel charges the deposit to your credit card according to the price calculation on your reservation form. This can vary from hotel to hotel
- between 10 - 40% of the total price
- or the amount for one night.
The balance is due upon arrival at the hotel - either in cash or with any valid credit card.
Exeptions: Few hotels don't charge the deposit in advance, just in case of a short term cancelations or a no-shows. IBIZA-HOTELS.COM can't influence this behavoir. If this fact irritates you, please contact us and we will re-check your reservation.
ON YOUR OWN WISH you can pay the full amount in advance, if you inform us in writing.


Check in:
According to international standard the rooms will be available on the arrival day from 14:00 h on. In case of earlier arrivals the hotel will check you in if rooms are available, but can't guarantee this in advance.
Check out:
Latest at 12:00 h on your departure day.
Diviating wishes are to arrange with the hotel, but can't be garanteed in advance.


- E-mail: booking@ibiza-hotels.com,
- Telefon: +34 971 33 25 51 (during spanish office hours)
- Fax: + 34 971 33 67 13

- if you want a personal response on atitional or specified questions (please note that our REAL TIME version has also a field for comments, special wishes and additional questions),
- for not binding reservation requests, for which you want an advanced price calculation (like for group reservations).

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