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Hotel Costa Sur

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Client Reviews 2.4 out of 5

1 Stars
1 out of 5

" On arrival the room allocated was not what had been booked,we had to inspect 2 other rooms before we settled, we booked a 1 bedroom apt. had to settle with a studio, food was poor, did not cater for children,dinning room staff were arrogant and ignorant to uk members,AT LEAST 5 BEDROOMS WERE ROBBED EVERY MORNING, THEIVES HAD KEYS, ON REPORTS TO THE RECEPTION, LACK OF CONCERN WOULD NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILTY,NO POLICE WERE CALLED. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL UNDER THE PRESENT OWNERS AND MANAGEMENT AND STAFF. 1 WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER FOR THE WHOLE HOTEL,IRONS, FRIDGES ETC HAD TO BE RENTED AT 10 EUROS PER WEEK On speaking to other holiday makers at the hotel no one was impressed. The area is first class great bars and fun facilities for the children, plenty of shops for gifts etc. Watch the sun go down in San Antonio, an amazing site, but we careful about this hotel. ... "

Belfast. Northern Ireland
4 Stars
4 out of 5

" you can not fault the commitment of the staff, Receptionists were all very pleasant, Restaurant staff all very efficient and the food was very good for a two star all inclusive, Housekeeping very thorough, Barstaff quick but, not very friendly and the pool attendants worked very hard to keep the areas tidy. We were very pleased with our stay at this hotel and would possibly return, what would stop us from returning is, if we had to share with the same bunch of rowdy idiots that show no respect for anything around them. Let me also say, thankfully it is not just an English thing, there were groups aged between 18 and 35 from all over Europe making it unpleasant for all around them. Overall the Hotel is good and the area around is good.... "

Shrewsbury UK
3 Stars
3 out of 5

" Ive stayed in best hotels, for this price. not so clean, and too much people.... "

4 Stars
4 out of 5

" Great hotel, great food, rooms cleaned and fresh towels EVERY DAY!! Always enough beds by the two fantastic pools whatever time you came down which is a bonus and evening entertainment was brilliant!! And best of all , according to my husband was the Guiness in paddys bar next door the best in Ibiza!!... "

Liverpool UK
1 Stars
1 out of 5

" ... "

5 Stars
5 out of 5

" i think it is the worst place in the world!! never going again!!... "

1 Stars
1 out of 5

" ive stayed in better hostels. checked out of here after seeing our room.. not very nice considering their star rating.. reception staff ignorant too... "

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