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Ibiza Hotels>> Club Punta Arabi

Club Punta Arabi

If you're looking for a hotel only for adults and specializes in singles, Club Punta Arabi is your hotel!

We are not a traditional hotel; we are a resort for couples and singles from all over Europe who come to Ibiza to find your soul mate or simply to meet people of opposite sex, without any taboos. It is considered the craziest and without doubt a unique resort on the island of Ibiza, and not just for singles.

One of the best experiences you will have are the Pool party's with 1000 girls and boys from all over Europe playing sexy games in spectacular location.

You will meet people from all over the world and share exiting and hot experiences with the opposite sex.

In addition, every Wednesday you will enjoy the famous hippy market of Es Cana, with over 500 stalls of crafts, clothing, local ...
restaurants, shops and nightclubs that will complete your stay at the Club


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+34 971 33 25 51
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