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 When I first heard (second hand) the story of an author / researcher named Nito Verdera who claimed Christoher Columbus could have been an Ibicencan...I laughed.

But I am no longer laughing.

I have read his paper: "THE COLONGATE"

The evidence offered by Mr. Verdera is pretty convincing that:
  • Columbus' last name was 'Colom' and not 'Colón'.
  • That his mother tounge was Catalan, and not Italian or Portuguese.
  • That he took with him, and named many islands of the Carribbean after islands around Ibiza.(21) And named no islands after Italian islands.
  • That he could communicate in Hebrew, and Catalán and that the family name 'Colom' is of Argonese-Jewish extraction.

In any case, the moument in San Antonio, Ibiza...of the egg with the Carabel 'Santa María' in the middle......is a monument to Christoper Columbus, and in particluar, to the story often repeated,
and first described in the 'Voyages of De Bry'-Frankfort-1594-that when Columbus was seeking financial support for one of his voyages, he asked those present if they could stand and egg upright.

Several tried, before Columbus took the egg, and slighly crushed the bottom portion...thus allowing the egg to stand upright, to emphasize his point that.." NEW ways have to be found to reach our goals".