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Playas de Comte Beach



This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Its breathtaking scenery is a must see. There are many and distinct areas where one can sunbathe and swim safely. Enjoy its magnificent waters or go hiking around the area.



Natural beaches with little landscape transformations and minimum services provided


For people searching for tranquility without a variety of amenities

ACCESS: Take the road from Sant Antoni de Portmany to Port des Torrent and follow the signs to the beach. Also, from Sant Agustí des Vedrà, take the road on your left to the beach.
TRANSPORTATION: By car or bicycle. There is a bus line running during the summer.
DISTANCES: 24 km from Ibiza and 13 km from Sant Josep de sa Talaia.
DESCRIPTION: A group of small coves with very fine sand and ideal for swimming. These coves alternate with rocky areas along this long and low coastline.
LENGTH: 800m of swimming coastline.
WIDTH: Between 15m and 20m.
TERRAIN: Areas of very fine and toasted color natural sand. There are also some rocky platforms, great for sunbathing or swimming.
DEPTH: Very shallow, sandy areas alternating with deeper, rocky areas. These rocks are very interesting for snorklers. In general, it is a very shallow area, 0.5 m deep at 25m from the shoreline and only 1m deep at 50m from the shoreline.
ORIENTATION AND PREDOMINANT WINDS: Usually mild winds, sometimes towards the sea or diagonally.
SCENERY: This area offers a very beautiful and charming scenery. Crystal-clear water, sand, and rocks color this beach turquoise-blue. There is a beautiful view of the small island of the East.