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Cala Tarida Beach



This beach offers a wide range of services and is ideal for the elderly or people looking for tranquility, who can establish a vacation home in this place. The cove is very safe for swimming or sailing, and visitors can sunbathe on its large extension of sand.

Club Tarida Beach
Club Tarida Playa

Beach with numerous Services
For people looking for comfort and a wide range of services

ACCESS: Take the road from Ibiza to Sant Josep de sa Talaia and make a left at km 13, onto the paved road. Follow signs to the beach. The beach is also accessible from San Antoni de Portmany through the road to Port des Torrent.
TRANSPORTATION: By car or bicycle. There is a bus line to the beach during the summer.
DISTANCES: 19 km from Ibiza and 6 km from Sant Josep de sa Talaia.
DESCRIPRTION: Enclosed and safe beach with multiple areas of flat rocks and small islands by the shore, forming a beautiful, rich scenery.
LENGTH: 250 m.
WIDTH: From 40 to 50 m.
TERRAIN: Mostly fine, natural, white sand, with some higher areas made of flat rocks.
DEPTH: Mostly sandy substrata and not very deep. The depth at 25 m from the shoreline is only 1 m.
ORIENTATION AND PREDOMINANT WINDS: Its Southwestern exposure brings mild winds either diagonally or from the sea inland.
SCENERY: The scenery in this area is very unique, with its variety of rock formations and structure.