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d'Es Cavallet Beach



It is a very interesting area for nudists (it is enclosed as a nudist beach). There are multiple, secluded areas for sunbathing and many options for watersports, or simply walk around and admire its natural beauty.



Beach with basic services


For people searching for serenity without a variety of amenities .

ACCESS: Take the paved road to the airport, before arriving at San Jordi de ses Salines turn left towards the Canal. Go 4 kms on this road and then follow the signs to es Caballet beach.
TRANSPORTATION: By car, bicycle (this road has a bike-lane) or bus to ses Salines and get off at the intersection with the road to es Caballet beach.
DISTANCES: 9.5 km from Ibiza and 24.5 km from Sant Josep de sa Talaia.
LENGTH: 1.1 km.
WIDTH: 30 to 40 m.
TERRAIN: Very fine, natural sand. In the southernmost point there are some rocky spots and natural pools.
DEPTH: Sandy sea beds with some rocky spots ideal for snorkeling. Very shallow waters minimize risks when swimming. Some sea vegetation can be seen.
ORIENTATION AND PREDOMINANT WINDS: Its eastern orientation creates moderated, inland winds from the East.
SCENERY: Located by the salt mine ponds, it has been declared a National Park where we can watch many beautiful, wild and water birds, as well as the typical salt mine buildings and structures. Take one of the numerous trails among the pine trees representative of the island conifer flora.
In a National Park, visitors must comply with preservation rules and follow indications by the Park guards.