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 C./Margarita Ankerman 23
Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
Tel. +34 971 33 25 51
FAX: +34 971 33 67 13


 IBIZA-HOTELS.COM is the local hotel directory created by American resident of Ibiza, Bob Rounkle in 1996. It is Ibiza's first hotel directory, as well as offering Ibiza's widest selection, and being one of the first websites ever created about Ibiza.

Bob Rounkle has been a resident of Ibiza
for 25 years. He knows most of the hotel owners and directors personally and lives in Santa Eulalia with his wife Doris.

"What can I say about Ibiza?....I love this island. It has been very good to me and my family over the years.....for a guy who washed up on these shores over 20 years ago, with absolutely nothing going for him,
I can't complain....it is in the nature of the Ibicencan character to reward those who work hard, and you can believe me when I say we work hard."

The offices of IBIZA-HOTELS.COM are located at:

 C./Margarita Ankerman 23
Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
Tel. +34 971 33 25 51
FAX: +34 971 33 67 13

He is also the System Administrator and founder of INTER-SAT.COM , Ibiza's first Domain Hosting internet server. Many of Ibiza's online hotels are served from this server, as well as most of the towns of Ibiza and its largest companies. INTER-SAT, is also the builder of most of the INTERNET KIOSKS on Ibiza.

His latest efforts have been directed towards perfecting ONLINE REALTIME BOOKING ENGINE software for Spanish hotels. He is the author of the INTERSAT HOTEL BOOKER©
booking engine, which is now used by over 250 Spanish hotel sites.

"We are just a little interactive publicity company, who have tried to offer good service, graphics and interactive web presence to hoteliers of Ibiza. Over the years, this has led to the development of INTERNET KIOSKS and recently...software development like the INTERSAT HOTEL BOOKER,
which allows the hotelier complete, instant and direct control over AVAILABLITY and PRICES on his website through the use of his own CONTROL PANEL, and more importantly allows the visitor to know, before he even asks....whether or not there is availability of a given room type."

"As far as I know, it is only BOOKING ENGINE SOFTWARE which offers ALTERNATIVES to the visitor of the website, instantly and at a glance, by room type......instead of endlessly guessing about what dates and room types might be available... or WORSE.... losing the reservations because of the hotel being closed...and no one answering the e-mail. This model has been COPIED by several sites, but if availability information is not shown by ROOM TYPE, or, if the hotelier has no CONTROL PANEL, then the information is pretty useless or even misleading. Because, we believe that only the hotelier knows what he has to sell (and what he doesn't have) It works pretty well, although there are still some little bugs.....everybody seems to like it. The proof is that so many sites are trying to copy it, and hardly a day goes by without another hotel asking us to install it on their website."

"We do not operate as a travel agency, tour operator or intermediary in hotel reservations because it is against the law in the Balearic islands without the apropriate governmental credentials.....we sell interactive publicity and software licenses directly to the hoteliers of Spain......and they seem to be pretty happy with us and visa-versa."

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